My name is Victoria Kubik, I was born at 26th March 2014 at 1:10 PM in Bytom. After two hours I was transported by ambulance to Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center in Katowice-Ligota to check why my small intestine is occluded. 

Unfortunately, in Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center turned out that there is no option to find out why my small intestine is occluded by standard diagnostic. I had to pass operation in my fist day of life to find out why. During the surgery it shows up that my small intestine was not occluded, but completely DEAD. Doctors who operated on me had no other choice as remove it, so I Could Live. 

As a resault of this operation I can be fed only and exclusively parenterally trought venous catheter to the central vein. Addition I also have tubing that drains bile because my pancreas is stitched.There is also no connection with the large intestine, so I can’t eat and drink anything, as I may thow up or choke myslef. 

Several days after the operation I started assert itself, I already breathe alone and does not need oxygen anymore :), but still all the time I’m in a closed incubator.Doctors are reducing quantities of drugs served to me, but still I can not eat by myself so I gets further drip into a vein. 

Several days ago I’ve grabbed infection, thankfully thanks to antibiotics which doctors manages to me, we’re slowly fighting it back. But I’m still in the hospital and, unfortunately, i won’t get out to Home fast….